43-6MS Full Diameter Trial Lens Sets

The Marco 43-6MS Full Diameter Student Trial Lens Set was specifically developed to address the demanding technical requirements and cost needs of optometry students. While maintaining the same high quality manufacturing standards as established on the more expensive 35-6TW Trial Lens Set, the 43-6MS offers the optometric student a more comprehensive lens selection in sphere, cylinder, prism, as well as accessory lenses. Two hand-held cross cylinder lenses are also standard on the 43-6MS. With an attractive vinyl combination lock carrying case and a classic black felt-lined removable wooden lens tray, the Marco 43-6MS Student Trial Lens Set clearly sets a new standard for the educational demands of optometric students.

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Plano convex, piano-concave, bi-convex and bi-concave full diameter lenses
Metal rims
Vinyl-covered carrying case with black felt-lined removable wooden inner tray – Combination lock provides lens security
Lens Tray Dimensions 20.5″ x 12.5″ x 1.4″


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