Everlight Standard Chart Projector

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The EverLight Chart Projector features longlife halogen bulb for up to 2,000 hours of service between bulb changes. Variable focus objective.Accepts all standard, popular American slides.
• Your choice of halogen or standard incandescent illumination.
• EverLight Chart Projector features long-life halogen bulb for up to 2,000 hours of service between bulb changes.
• Standard Chart Projector employs incandescent illumination with thermistor for extended bulb life.Variable focus objective.
• Choice of mounting brackets with yoke.
• Single slides incorporating letters, illiterate Es and childs figures.
• Accepts all standard, popular American slides.
• Air-flow design provides for cooler operation, longer bulb life.
• Slide operable from either side for selection of test.
• Selector slide with duochrome test; full and vertical aperture.
• Horizontal line selector for projection of single line.
• Easy bulb replacement.
Only Marco could offer you a choice of two feature-packed projectors ideal for any practice. The EverLight Chart Projector uses a halogen bulb for longer life — up to 2,000 hours under typical use. The Marco Chart Projector offers a lower initial cost with an incandescent illumination system that includes a thermistor for extended bulb life. And both provide exceptionally even illumination over the entire chart field. The variable focus barrel on both projectors is designed to provide accurate testing of visual acuity at any distance from ten to twenty feet. And both models may be used with either a wall, table, or unit mount. Both instruments will also accept all major slides, including Marco’s Adult, Child and HOTV Recognition Slides. No matter which model you choose, you can’t go wrong with Marco.


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