Orion Exam Lane System

The Orion Exam Lane System conveniently and comfortably integrates all diagnostic exam room instruments in a sleek, attractive arrangement. The key feature of the Orion is an innovative “sliding” electronic table that provides automated control of slit lamp elevation and horizontal positioning. With the combination physicians desk and optional extension table, the Orion provides plenty of workspace to accommodate everything a practitioner needs. Numerous instrument mounting accessories help complete the ensemble, creating a unique examination atmosphere.

Sleek, design integrates all diagnostic instruments
Innovative ‘sliding’ table provides automated control of slit lamp
Allows the operator to ‘manually’ control the horizontal sliding motion
Adjustable table automatically disables motion upon patient contact
Dual fingertip switch panels provide convenient access for table and exam chair adjustments
Modular design offers numerous configurations
Slit lamp power, overhead lamp and desk lamp illumination automatically controlled when sliding table is engaged
Overhead room light functions can be wired for integrated control
Expanded desk top work space provides comfortable working environment for all staff

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Minimum height: 670mm
Maximum height: 920mm
Slide stroke: 480mm
Slide speed: Variable between 3.8 seconds and 5.4 seconds per lap
Button beep sound: Can be turned ON or OFF
Allowable load: 30kg
Power supply to slit lamp: Maximum voltage can be set at either AC6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V30W, or 12V50W. Fixation lamp: AC6V
Power supply to ophthalmoscopes: Maximum voltage for indirect ophthalmoscope: AC6V, 7.5V, 10V, 12V Maximum voltage for direct ophthalmoscope: AC2.5V, 3V, 3.5V, 4V, 6V Rechargeable instrument wells: Out of the 2 instrument wells, the right one is for recharging, and the left one is for storage.
Desktop light: Mini krypton bulb (100V40W, E17 base)
Power: AC100V
Power consumption: 1500VA
Auxiliary electrical outlets: 2 outlets on the back of the main unit, and 3 outletson the lower part of the Accessory Stand (total of 5 outlets up to 500VA)
Weight: 141kg (exclusive of optional accessories, and inclusive of balancing weights)


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